Ever had that feeling like someone is sitting on your chest or the cold feeling that takes over your stomach? That’s me on a daily basis. I struggle to keep my emotions under control. Its something that I keep fighting day after day, and its something that’s been going on for a long time. I suppose I should be seeing a counselor and/or a doctor, but after talking to my nearest and dearest I decided to try to fight it on my own. Theoretically now that my university year is beginning I should be too busy to even think about being depressed but who knows, it hits me at what should be happy times. It has put a lot of strain on my relationships and we have set a deadline of the Christmas holidays to see whether or not everything evens out.

I’m rambling.

To sum up, if my mood swings are not under control by Christmas then I will be making an appointment with the doctor and seeking professional help. Don’t judge me for MY decision concerning MY life. This is what I need to do for now. Who knows what the future holds though! (:


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